Our Seed

Cultivating The Commons grows nearly all the seed we sell, alongside a handful of collaborators! We prioritize selecting for our environment in the Upper Midwest. We look at plant vigor and health alongside flavor when selecting varieties.

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  • Teaching

    CTC welcomes all to learn what we do! We encourage hands on activities including planting, seed harvest and threshing. For those interested we have internships to learn seedwork more closely.

    Email to find out more.

  • Tours

    We put an emphasis on sharing what we learn and know. We give tours regularly to all manner of groups. Here is the Sustainable Farming Association in MN getting the details on Garlic growing.

  • Community

    Indeed, Cultivating The Commons does take community. We envision seed being a universal relationship we can ALL engage in!! Something we can all have in Common.

    Join us by discovering where your seed comes from and how to participate. We're always looking for eager learners, adventurous gardneners or astute farmers!