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Cultivating the Commons

Dry Bean- Flor de Mayo OG

Phaseolus vulgaris.

This bountiful dry bean has excellent flavor and beautiful pink color. Best used for refritos and other mexican dishes. Seed stock from Steve Peters of Seed Revolution Now.  Needs a full season for good yield. Plant soon after last frost.  Steve says:

"Flor de Mayo is a pink, reliably high yielding bush bean that originated in Mesoamerica (the other major site of origin being the Andes in South America). This particular strain was selected by Steve Temple, formerly on the faculty at UC Davis, California. It has strong resistance to Common Bean Mosaic Virus (CBMV) which is the major disease afflicting beans in California. Therefore it truly has commercial potential. There are no PVP's or other patent restrictions on this variety."


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