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Cultivating the Commons

Dry Bean- Gaucho OG

Quoted from FEDCO:

"(88 days) Open-pollinated. Carol Deppe has maintained this Argentine heirloom since the 1980s when it was first obtained from Abundant Life Seed Foundation. It’s her favorite heirloom bean and is a parent of all the P. vulgaris varieties she’s bred. Despite its compact bush form, Gaucho has high yield potential—20 lb per 100 row feet in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, which gets suboptimal sun in spring and cold nights through summer. Dries down unusually fast—about 10 days from green to completely dry—and reliably finishes in a similar time frame to Jacob’s Cattle. In appearance Gaucho resembles many other gold beans, but its full-bodied rich flavor sets it apart from lookalikes. Divine with just a little salt, pepper and butter."

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