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Cultivating the Commons

Calendula, Resina OG

Calendula officinalis.

 Resina is known for its high oil content which is usually used in lotions and creams.  Our family relies heavily on calendula oil.  After soaking the dried flowers in oil, we use or also add beeswax to make a salve that creates eternal youth around the eyes and healing on those summer scrapes.

   A vigorous plant will produce many flower heads, keep dead heading for flowers all summer!  This is a great flower for children, mine love taking the flower to paper to make a drawing.  It would be great added to smaller butterfly gardens as a filler between perennial species.  It is an annual but let it be know it can reseed itself next year which may or may not be desirable.  It established itself in Mary and Gary's rocked landscape area and is beautiful every summer.  Space 18 apart.    

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