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Cultivating the Commons


Our Ashwagandha seeds came from seeds we bought and grew from  We love what they have to offer and have never been disappointed. According to Strictly Medicinal, 

 "Plant prefers full sun, fast-draining, alkaline (pH 7.5 to 8.0) soil and moderately dry conditions.  .  Light dependent germinator.  Sow in early spring indoors.  Average days till germination 15.  Space 1 foot apart.   In colder zones, at the end of the first season, when the tops freeze back, dig the root, wash, cut up and dry the pieces for herbal use.  In the warmer zones, it is possible to harvest a larger root in the fall of the second year."

I love this plant and make a simple alcohol tincture to use as a tonic, meaning i take it regularly and it works even better when used consistently.  This plant is such a gift from India and Southeast Asia.  Its really accessible good medicine.  Produces small red berries. 

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