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Cultivating the Commons

Sweet Corn, Painted Hill HARDY SELECT

Zea mays.

75-85 days.  Painted Hill sweet corn came to us via Alan Adesse of Hands on Organic farm.   This variety came into being from a cross of Painted Mountain flint corn and Luthur Hill sweet corn.  It has all the cold soil tolerance and short season growth of Painted mountain and then selected for the sweet kernal genes from Luthur.  This cross and selection was performed by Alan Kapular of Peace Seeds.

Although these are not SuperSweet hybrids, their flavor is a dandy and the colors are explosive!  What a fun variety.

--->This product is a SELECT offering.  I'm only selling 300+ seed in each packet for breeding purposes. Buy more if you want.  The seeds were harvested from rows that were planted two weeks earlier than the other rows, with half the germination due to cold soil.  Then they survived a two month drought after germination started with NO water.  These are hardy individuals!

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