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Cultivating the Commons

Dry Bean - Buckskin

According to our friends at Experimental Farm Network:

Buckskin is a deliciously creamy bean that has traveled a great deal: while it no doubt started its journey in Mexico, it eventually found its way to Sweden, and was later brought by Swedish immigrants to Buckeye, Montana in the 1800’s. Sometimes called 'Yellow Indian Woman', this is a vigorous-growing short-season dry bean which sets handfuls of pods on bushes with short runners.

Buckskin is a reliably high-yielding bean for northern climates. Maturing early and drying down uniformly, this bean has been a good performer in dry farm bean trials in both the Willamette Valley in Oregon and Snoqualmie Valley near Seattle, Washington. Pods hold beans well during harvest and yet are easy to thresh. It is always cheery to see the bright yellow beans sift out of the pile of debris in the fall.

There are many beans to choose from, but this is the bean that always has people coming back for more. Buckskin has a meaty texture that is at once firm and creamy, holding its shape when cooked. It’s reminiscent of a lima bean in many ways. With stand-alone flavor, this bean embodies a richness few beans can rival. Enjoy simply as butter beans with a bit of garlic, incorporate into a savory succotash, let them swim among winter veggies in a hearty soup on cold nights, or bake into traditional corn bread. Also pairs well with cream sauces or steamed leafy greens like collards.

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